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Coalition Will Keep Fighting for Colorado Motorists

Freedom to Drive Coalition Executive Director Kelly Sloan had the following to say in response to news reports of a "deal" being struck between Colorado and certain automakers regarding California zero emissions vehicle rules.

"The proposal for an 'alternate approach' that was struck between auto manufacturers and the state of Colorado does not change the negative economic impacts that the ZEV rule will impose on Colorado consumers. That means it does not materially change the position of the Freedom to Drive Coalition. It is simply an acknowledgment that the automobile manufacturers cannot meet the unrealistic mandate in Colorado without... Read Story

Coalition Makes Its Case Against California Car Mandates

(Denver-Colorado) A coalition of concerned citizens and businesses leading the fight against Colorado’s adoption of California zero emission vehicle mandates today made public its key arguments against the costly new rules, which currently are under review by the Colorado Air Quality Control Commission. An economic impact analysis commissioned by the  Read Story

We the Road-Users... Need a New Declaration of Independence

What Would Freedom Mean Without the Freedom of the Road?

As we pause from our labors this week to celebrate another Independence Day, it’s a good time to reflect a little on the question of whether the liberties our Founders cherished and fought for are flourishing or diminishing, expanding or contracting, here in “the land of the free.”   Read Story

Opinion: There’s a better road to cleaner vehicles than California’s ZEV standard

The Sun’s June 6 piece, “Front Range air quality is terrible, but Colorado’s efforts are showing some improvement in ozone pollution,” presented an imbalanced picture of the state of environmental quality in Colorado. The overwhelmingly good... Read Story

GUEST COLUMN: Don't force a West Coast fix on Colorado

A mere four months into his governorship, Jared Polis has made it abundantly clear: despite running to be the governor of Colorado, he’d prefer our roads mimic those straight out of California. Polis is using the heavy hammer of government to force us into electric vehicles. This ill-conceived approach fails to..... Read Story

Freedom to Drive Board Member TIM JACKSON ON CBT News about Electric Cars in Colorado

Freedom to Drive Board Member, Tim Jackson who is President of the Colorado Automobile Dealers Association talks about Tesla, Electric Vehicle Laws in Colorado.

Freedom to Drive Board Member TIM JACKSON ON CBT News out of Atlanta on Emissions

Tim Jackson - Freedom to Drive Board Member talks about the Impending California Emission Standards coming to Colorado this Spring