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The Mission of Freedom to Drive

The Freedom to Drive Coalition serves as an umbrella to unite individuals, businesses, and organizations from all corners of Colorado as they advocate for motorists, commuters, recreationalists, and Colorado families.

The Freedom to Drive stands for the defense of all citizens’ liberty to travel Colorado’s terrain in the vehicle of their choice, free from governmental mandates and legislative efforts to push cars off the road in favor of pedestrians or forced public transit, on properly preserved and maintained roads.

Some of the Coalition’s efforts include:

1) Preserving drivers’ ability to choose their own vehicle and combatting the blind adoption of California’s evolving clean air standards;

2) Protecting municipal travel lanes and thoroughfares against the attack of municipal “traffic calming measures”, which divest lanes of traffic for lanes dedicated to bicycles, scooters, and city buses;

3) Combatting the rapid disappearance of parking spaces and the substitution of space maximums for parking space minimums on new construction projects;

4) Fighting for adequate transportation funding from state and federal funds, opposing regulatory efforts to complicate federally-funded projects;

5) Fighting punitive taxation and variable tolling of traditional motor vehicles as a means to increase the presence of state-favored electric vehicles; and

6) Contesting any other measure that restricts a motorist’s ability to travel the state at the time and in the manner that they deem necessary for their personal or professional lives.

The Freedom to Drive Coalition supports consumers right to choose the vehicles that are best for them and opposed efforts that cede regulatory authority to an out of state commission with no accountability to Colorado.

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