The Mission of Freedom to Drive

Freedom to Drive is a new coalition who's mission is to defend your Freedom to Drive. We are faced with challenges by overreaching politicians and bureaucratic agencies to cede air quality control to an out-of-state (California) commission with no accountability to anyone outside of their state. Coloradans are giving their Freedom to Drive rights to California to decide our future.

Recently the head of the California Air Resources Board (CARB), Mary Nichol, said nothing they had done in their state has been effective. In fact, their air quality has become worse, not better. Yet California continues to export their solution to others where it doesn’t have the remote possibility of being effective.

Colorado and California differ greatly based on vehicle mix consumers choose. California has a 50/50 mix of passenger cars vs. light trucks, while here in Colorado, the mix is 25/75% passenger cars vs. light trucks.  Politics and greenwashing is leading this effort and Coloradans can’t afford it and want nothing to do with it. Join us to fight back and proves how in Colorado we have cleared our air our air by turning over the fleet.

The Freedom to Drive Coalition supports consumers right to choose the vehicles that are best for them and opposed efforts that cede regulatory authority to an out of state commission with no accountability to Colorado.

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  1. Margo Knutson

    Colorado – please stand up and let your voices be heard. We cannot allow Governor Polis or the radical leftists in our state to mandate what we drive and we should not be incentivizing those who want to drive electric vehicles and their required infrastructure using our taxpayer monies.

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